6 Things to Prepare During Goat Kidding

Normally goat kidding take place without any problem, however, it is best to be prepared to assist your does and kids during delivery if needed.

goat birth preparation

Here are the 6 things to prepare during goat kidding.

1. Calm Environment

Pregnant goats need a calm environment to keep them relax and free from stress. Make sure the pen is clean all the time with enough space for them to be able to move freely and be comfortable.

2. Clip the Hair on the Does Thighs and Tail

Blood matting on thighs and tail is common after kidding. This is very attractive to bacteria and flies which may cause infections. Clipping the hair on the does’ thighs and tail will help keep the does clean after kidding.

3. Sterile Pair of Gloves and Mask

There will be blood and a lot of excretions during delivery, wearing a mask and a pair of clean gloves is a must when handling the goats.

4. Clean Cloth

After delivery, you must immediately wipe the nose and mouth of the kids with a clean cloth so that they can breathe easily.

5. Kid Box

Boxes are like incubators for kids. These will serve as nests to protect them from stamping and cold especially at night.

6. Iodine Solution

Pour the kids’ navel with iodine solution for faster drying and to avoid infection.

Here is a video from Nimbkar Boer Goat Farm showing the steps on how to take care of goats during kidding. This is applicable to all breeds. Make sure to wear a pair of sterile gloves when handling the kids.

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