The Advantages of Nubian Goats in the Philippines

Nubian goat is a multi-purpose breed — the best meat and dairy goat to raise in Philippine setting.

Purebred nubian goats at Sagana Farm Philippines

Most goat farmers in the Philippines raise native goats or crosses (hybrid) because they believed they are cheaper to raise compared to purebreds. We followed the same idea when we started raising goats in 2008.

It is true that natives and  crosses are cheaper to raise for meat production than purebreds. However, one must have a large herd and a big area for it to be sustainable. Unfortunately, we did not able to sustain our goat meat project since our space was limited and we can only raise a small herd. In 2011, we shifted into raising well-selected purebred nubian goats (or Anglo-nubian), focusing on producing quality breeder materials to serve the meat and milk market.

Sagana Farm purebred nubian does

Nubian is a dual-purpose breed — for meat and dairy purposes. Unlike other dairy-type goats like Saanen, Toggenburg, and Alpine which are temperate (cold climate) breeds; the nubian breed has Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western blood in them. Perhaps, this is the reason why nubian is the most adaptable dairy-type goat in the Philippines. No wonder why most Filipino goat raisers who were raising purebred Saanens for milk production are now crossing them to purebred nubians.

The average mature weight of a nubian doe (female) is 65 kilograms, while the buck (male) is 80 kilograms. Their meat to bone ratio is higher (more meat) compared to other dairy-type breeds. They are bigger than native and crosses, and milkier than boers. Their milk is high in butterfat which is good for goat cheese (and other dairy products) and soap production.

Purebred Nubian Does at Sagana Farm

Not all purebred nubian goats are equal, genetics and selection are very important. At Sagana Farm, we only raise breeder goats that are capable of producing 1 liter to 3 liters (or more) of milk per head per day.

Nubian, being a multi-purpose breed, is becoming popular in the Philippines nowadays.  Aside from dairy, nubian is also the best breed to cross to Philippine native goats to upgrade the sizes and milk capacity of their offsprings. With purebred nubian goats, farmers will earn not only on meat and milk but also manure (natural fertilizer) and breeders, not to mention good temperament — they are friendly goats.

Sagana Farm Forage Seeds

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