Start Right! Native, Crosses or Purebred?

One must know his target first before buying a goat — meat, milk or both. What breed to raise?

Nubian Goat Kids Philippines at Sagana Farm

It would be best to use native and upgraded dams (female breeders) if you want to engage in goat meat production only. Do not use purebred dams, they are very expensive to raise as slaughter goats.

When to Use Purebred Nubian Goats?

Purebreds are best when you want to engage in dairy production or if you want to upgrade the milk capacity and sizes of the offspring of your native and hybrid (crosses) goats. The more milk your dams can produce, the healthier and bigger their kids will become.

Invest on a Good Line

Not all purebreds are equal. Select stocks with good genetics and are proven good milkers. Sagana Farm goats are well selected purebred nubian breeders for meat and milk purposes. Unlike natives which can only produce 1 cup of milk per day, our breeders can produce at least 1 liter to 3 liters (or more) of milk per dam per day.

Get The Best Buck

If you like bigger and healthier meat-type kids, it is best to use one (1) good quality purebred nubian buck for every ten (10) to twenty (20) native or hybrid dams. This way, you will be able to improve the genetics of your herd for a better quality breeder materials in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Start Right! Native, Crosses or Purebred?”

  1. Walter says:

    if for meat purposes, how much will be the pure bred nubian buck

  2. Kerry mccurdy says:

    First cross between a Nubian billy goat and native dams is a hybrid offspring. The next cross “must” be another outside breed. For meat a “Boer” billy goat will continue achieving hybrid vigor his offspring. Our hybrid offspring here in Negros far outperform the native kids when it comes to growth rate. Breeding “milk production” and “size” with Nubian hybrid dams before Boer cross breeding seems logical, but that remains in the future for me, just now.

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