Name a forage seed. Get 1/2kg FREE.

Sagana Farm will be giving FREE 1/2kg of this forage seed to the one who could give the first correct answer (name of this seed).

Here are some tips:

1. This plant is native to Central America, Mexico and Colombia.

2. Its crude protein content ranges from 20% to 26%. It is generally used in graze pasture in mixture with grasses and legumes.

3. The seeds are slightly kidney-shaped, approximately 5 mm long, yellowish-greenish with dark mottles.

4. It is well-adaptable to acid, lesser fertile soils. Best for goats, cattle, carabao, horses, chickens, pigs, etc.

The name of this seed can be found here:


How to join?

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Share this post to your Facebook wall together with your answer. To share, just click the SHARE arrow/link/button below this Facebook post.

3. The one who gives the first correct answer will get the FREE seeds.
4. The correct answer will be posted together with the name of the winner in Sagana Farm’s Facebook wall on Tuesday (March 7, 2017).
5. The seeds will be delivered to your address free of charge thru LBC.

Note: One answer per participant only.

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6 thoughts on “Name a forage seed. Get 1/2kg FREE.”

  1. Vengie cenario says:


  2. renier c rivas says:


  3. aldrin lubiano says:

    indigofera po

  4. roger anino says:

    Calopogonium Covercrop (Calopogonium Mucunoides)

  5. Centrosema pubescens

  6. Arturo Tan says:


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