How to Plant and Maintain Indigofera Trees?

Indigofera is a fast growing leguminous plant with high crude protein. It is one of the best forage crops for livestocks. Indigofera will grow in low and high elevation.

Here’s a video of our goats fed with mix Indigofera and Acid Ipil-ipil.

How to plant Indigofera?

Step 1: Land preparation
Make sure the field is clean from weeds before planting. You may use a herbicide.

Step 2: Seed preparation
Soak the Indigofera seeds in water for 8 to 12 hours (overnight) before planting.

Step 3: Planting

Direct seeding
Create lines using a bolo at 2 to 3 feet distance in between rows. Pour one (1) pinch of Indigofera seeds in a one (1) meter long line.

Transplanting (seedlings)
Sow the Indigofera seeds in seedbed or seedbag until they reach at least one (1) feet in height. Transplant the seedlings at two (2) to three (3) feet distance in between plants.

Indigofera seeds for sale

When planting Indigofera, just cover the seeds with little soil (sort of like the size of the seeds themselves). Be sure to plant them after a rain or slightly wet soil. If you cover them with lots of soil, the seeds will rot and won’t grow. Weed control is necessary within three (3) to five (5) months after planting. You may apply animal manure as natural fertilizer.

When harvesting, just maintain one (1) to two (2) meters height, like the one showed in this video.

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    I,m Alif from malaysia. Nice blog you have here. Very informative.

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