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Beware, goats are addictive!

Did you notice that, since you became a goat raiser, you tend to immediately spot goats when they are around? And that during trips, when you see them at the roadside, they will instantly become an attraction? Indeed, goats bring happiness and it is therapeutic to see them happy too.

In the Philippines, goats that we commonly see on the streets are of native breed which dominate the goats population in the country. Unlike nubians, natives are stocky and small, weighing only 25 kilograms on the average when they mature. Below are some random pictures taken during our leisure drive around Davao.

Free range native goats at Mati City Airport

After a heavy rain, four native goats enjoyed roaming around the airfield in Mati City Airport, Davao Oriental.

native goat vendor at the road side

Native goats being sold at the roadside. These two boys sell them at P4,500 each.

goats make us of an abandoned house as their shelter

Native goats invaded an unfinished house and made it their shelter.

goat parade passes through a church during a sunday mass

A goat herd passes through Redemptorist church during a Wednesday mass.

two native goat bottle fed

Two orphans were bottle fed. Their dam died after giving birth to them. They were quadruplets but only 2 survived.

native goats grazing on grass

These goats have no choice but to graze on carabao grass due to lack of small trees and shrubs. Naturally, goats are browsers, they like to eat leaves above their shoulders.

native goats escape

This gang managed to escape while their caretaker was away.

Goat house made with indigenous materials with three native goats

A herd of three native goats (2 females and 1 male) in a simple goat house made of indigenous materials. This was how Sagana Farm started way back in 2008.

Sagana Farm Forage Seeds

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