Goat Nutrition. Is One Plant Enough?

Goat nutrition is like that of humans, they need a balance diet to keep them healthy. Often we are asked, what is the best plant among all the legumes and grasses that you have? Below is one of those inquiries.

flemingia indigofera and napier


I am based in Tarlac. I have purchased a few native females but I haven’t transferred them to my lot yet because the fence and housing is not yet done. Moreover, I haven’t decided on what kind of forage to plant.

I’d like to place an order for the manual and also for some seeds. I’ve read about napier. But what would you suggest?


Napier is good, yet it is not enough to provide the daily nutritional requirements of your herd. It is best to give your goats mixed legumes and grasses to keep them healthy. We suggest to plant as many kinds of forage plants as you can.

The recommended forage crops for goats in the Philippines are the following: Rensonii, Indigofera, Acid Ipil2x, Calliandra, Napier, Guinea grass, Trichanthera, Mulberry, Gliricidia, Centrosema, Flemingia, etc.

If you already have Napier or still planning to plant one, Centrosema is a good creeping plant to intercrop with your Napier.

Naturally, goats are browsers, they love it when you’ll give them variety of forages.

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